Abogado.com Ratings & Reviews gives people the power to select the best law firm for their specific legal needs. By submitting a review about a firm that you had an experience with, you are providing others needing legal assistance valuable insight to help them make a difficult decision a little easier.

Steps to submit a review for a firm:

1. Click on the “Write Your Review” link on the firm profile.

2. You will be prompted to complete a three-step process before submitting a review:

a. Fill out the overall star rating for the firm based on a scale of 1 to 5 (required).

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b. Write a description in the text box to better explain your star rating and provide any additional information you would like included in your review (required). Review content that contains personally identifiable information, is deemed as inappropriate, or is related to another business will not be published. You can also include the name of the attorney you worked with by either incorporating the name into the review or selecting the name of the attorney by clicking on the drop-down box labeled select an Attorney. If you would recommend the attorney or law firm to friends and family, click the “Yes” button (optional).

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c. Fill out your information, including first and last name, email address, whether you would like to hide your name from the public, your type of interaction with the firm, and the service start and end year. Then, click the “I’m Not a Robot” reCAPTCHA box.

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3. Before completing your review, you can choose to cancel your submission, contact the firm, or navigate to the Ratings and Reviews FAQs. If you are satisfied with your review, click the orange “Submit My Review” button.

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4. A message will appear on-screen confirming your review has been successfully submitted and to check your email inbox for a notification from Abogado.com.

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5. Once received, open the email sent from the address [email protected]. You will see two options – “Verify Email Address” or “Delete Your Original Review”:

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a. Verify Email Address: Click this button to complete the verification process. Once clicked, you will be taken to an Abogado.com landing page that confirms your verification is complete and provides more information on the next steps. To ensure your review is posted on the attorney or firm profile, you must verify your email address within 14 days of submission using the link in this email.

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b. Delete Your Original Review: Click this button to delete your review. Once clicked, you will be taken to a landing page on Abogado.com that confirms your submission has now been deleted and provides an option to return to the firm profile to start a new review.

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For additional questions or assistance, please contact Abogado.com Support.